Fap CEO MOD APK 0.992 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

fap ceo mod apk
fap ceo mod apk

Fap CEO MOD APK 0.992 (Unlimited Money) Free Download

Fap CEO MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is an intriguing management round of the Nutaku distributer.

Overview information

Name Fap CEO
Publisher Nutaku
Category NSFW
Version 0.992
Size 56M
MOD Features Unlimited Money [Details]
Requires Android

About Fap CEO

In this game, you are the CEO of a little organization, answerable for recruiting representatives, overseeing them and discovering approaches to develop your organization. In the event that this organization is genuine, I can affirm that you are the most fortunate man on Earth. Why? Your workers are generally very wonderful, hot young ladies and obviously, you are the lone man in your organization. Other than developing your organization, you can discover approaches to play with them and invite them to supper.

Become a skilled CEO

Like Game Dev Tycoon, fundamentally, the ongoing interaction of Fap CEO revolves around overseeing and developing an organization claimed by you. At the point when your organization is toward the start, you have just a single representative. Buckle down, bring in some cash, recruit more representatives, extend your office, continue buckling down, … That’s how you develop your organization. Basically, your organization invests in the field of video talk. You enlist wonderful young ladies to visit and do numerous things to draw in bunches of viewers, through which you acquire benefits.

Recruit hot, hot young ladies

I am a basic man, so this is the part I like the most in Fap CEO. Every day, your organization has numerous lovely young ladies going after positions. You can enlist them, train them and acquire benefits when they work, as long as you have enough cash to pay them. Your first worker is Amber – the hot secretary with fair hair and a blue dress. From that point onward, you can enlist more representatives and grow your office. Remember to redesign your staffs so they can acquire more cash.

Other than work, you can play and talk with your representatives via email. In the evening, you can visit with them, talk about love stories and send selfies to one another. In case you’re fortunate, you may have a sentimental relationship, however in the event that you fall flat, you can lose your workers.

I love this illustrations

Made by a Japanese studio, Fap CEO has 2D illustrations with excellent Anime-style pictures. I totally love the manner in which they make delightful, hot and attractive female characters. They additionally have very adorable and enchanting voices. On the off chance that these young ladies are genuine, I will be a major devotee of them.

MOD APK Version of Fap CEO

Recruiting another representative typically costs a great deal of cash. On the off chance that you need to enlist an excellent young lady yet you don’t have the persistence to hang tight for benefits from the organization, utilize our Fap CEO MOD. The game gives you limitless measure of cash so you can recruit and update your workers whenever. In addition, you can likewise extend or purchase more expensive adornments for your office.

MOD Feature

Limitless Money

How to utilize the MOD?

To get a great deal of cash in the MOD version, you should finish the initial segment of the game (First organization deal). At that point when you’re at the following organization, go to the CEO’s office and snap on the green up bolt symbol and reset the expertise with pearls to get more diamonds.

How to introduce Fap CEO?

To start with, download both Fap CEO APK and Fap CEO Launcher.

At that point introduce Fap CEO Launcher and introduce Fap CEO.

Open Fap CEO Launcher, press Play to play the game!

Download Fap CEO MOD APK for Android

Modern life makes it harder for men to discover their perfect partner. This is more normal in developed nations, for example, European nations or Japan. Notwithstanding being an effective CEO like the principle character in this game, he has never had a genuine relationship. Along these lines, Fap CEO is an incredible answer for men like me to figure out how to discover a sweetheart. Note that this game has grown-up substance, expecting you to be in any event 18 years of age.

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